Get The Most Out Of Your Credit Card

Maximize credit card payments to accepting and non-accepting suppliers.

Maximize Credit Card Payments To ​ Accepting Suppliers

Intelligent Payment Notifications

WayPay will notify you in real-time when a supplier accepts credit card helping you maximize your card benefits.

Maximizing Acceptance

WayPay’s Supplier Enablement Team and our partners, are continuously working to identify suppliers willing to accept credit cards.

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Pay Non​-Accepting Suppliers With Your Credit Card

Use your credit card to pay for any business expense, regardless of supplier acceptance.  Pay for your CRA taxes, insurance, inventory, and even your payroll.

Gain Instant Access to Credit

Use your preferred card product to pay any vendor, regardless of acceptance.  Gain as much as 60 days of interest free payments by using your credit card without penalties.

Maximize Rewards

WayPay enables new ways for users the to earn substantial rewards that can be used to offset business travel, create employee incentives or generate charitable donation benefits.

Invoice Payment Terms

Many suppliers offer better payment terms if you pay earlier (e.g., 2/10 net 30).  Leverage the 45 to 60 days offered by your card product to take advantage of these terms to earn discounts.

International Card Payments

Use your credit card to pay suppliers around the globe, and to accelerate shipping timeframes and increase buying power.

Save Time & Money On All Your Business Payments

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